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Sometimes, it’s not that we Singaporeans don’t care but we are a busy lot. If it’s not work, it’s the family. If it’s not our family, then it’s our handphone. We’re simply overworked, too tired and distracted to show that we care for our migrant brothers.


Maybe you are different. You can spare a couple of hours a week and want to do something to help these out-of-work injured workers. We’re here for you. We’re here for the hurting and unemployed migrant workers too. So we know how you can help to relieve some of their pain.

Here's a bit more about us and what we stand for.

We're here for the injured and needy.

Our Mission

  1. Providing holistic care for injured Singaporeans and migrant workers in our community

  2. Educating employed workers on workplace safety and injury prevention

  3. Helping the jobless and injured to learn a new trade

Our Mission

Our Vision

Restoring hope for the injured and needy; Rebuilding lives for a better future.

Here's how we help them, and how you could too.



We use physiotherapy, occupational therapy and TCM to aid the recovery of injured migrant workers



For those who are hungry and can't afford to pay.

This assistance is geared towards workers who come for treatments at our office and those who aren't very mobile, largely confined to their dormitories.  


Transportation assistance

For hurt workers who are so badly injured they can't come for regular treatment on their own or don't have the MRT/bus fare to get here.

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